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GORDON ETZLER & ASSOCIATES, LLP is a Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana family law firm that has experienced family law attorneys who can assist you in adoption, guardianship, paternity, divorce, modification of custody, modification of child support, post-secondary educational expenses and emancipation.

Adoption Lawyer In Valparaiso

Are you hoping to bring a new bundle of joy into your family?  Or perhaps you are hoping to adopt a beloved step-child or grandchild?  Or maybe you are hoping to finalize a foreign adoption through the re-adoption process here in the United States?  If any of these scenarios apply to you an attorney with extensive adoption experience is ready and willing to help you extend your family through adoption! The qualified Valparaiso adoption lawyer at Gordon A. Etzler & Associates will guide adoptive parents from the pre-adoption placement to the final adoption hearing.

Valparaiso Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a delicate time both emotionally and financially, therefore, it is imperative that you hire a qualified professional, with knowledge of the Indiana Code, case law, and State and Local Rules in order to protect your interests.  The family law system, specifically the dissolution process, can be exceedingly hard to navigate for an unrepresented party.  With the welfare of your children and your finances at stake, and with emotions running high, it is important to retain a trained and qualified attorney to assess the situation and protect your interests.

Child Custody and Child Support in Valparaiso

Have you been served or are hoping to pursue a Petition for Modification of Child Custody and/or a Petition for Modification of Child Support in Lake County, Porter County, LaPorte, Newton, Jasper, Starke, or Pulaski County?  You need a licensed and experienced Porter County family lawyer to lend a listening ear and zealously advocate for you and your child’s interests.  The family law court system in Indiana is riddled with loopholes and deadlines, and hiring a qualified and experienced family law attorney that is well versed in the ever changing family law statutes and case law could make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case!

Emancipation or Post-Secondary Education Expenses

If you are paying child support and your child is or will be turning nineteen (19) years old in the near future, you should contact an attorney immediately.  On July 1, 2012, a new law went into effect that reduced the age of emancipation, which cuts off a non-custodial parents child support obligation, from twenty-one (21) to nineteen (19).  It is important to remember that Indiana does not automatically terminate child support, a petition must be filed to legally terminate the child support obligation.

In addition, if you are a custodial parent to a child that will be turning nineteen (19) years old and is enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution it is imperative that you petition the Court for post-secondary education expenses before the child turns nineteen (19). A petition for post-secondary education filed after the child is nineteen (19) may be dismissed as untimely, and the Court will not be able to order parents to help bear the burden of a child’s post-secondary expenses.  Financing your child’s college education could hang in the balance, therefore, it is very important to hire a licensed qualified attorney, like the Valparaiso family lawyers at Gordon A. Etzler & Associates to protect you and your child’s interests.


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